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Suzhou: East China's Best Noodles

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 18, 2017
250 Huashan Lu, near Yan'an Lu


Just a short private van trip from Shanghai awaits a culinary opportunity not to be missed for enthusiasts of Chinese comfort cuisine: Suzhou’s famous (and seasonally limited) Three Shrimp Noodles (and others). SmSh Offline hosts a morning trip food tour of Noodle Street in Suzhou led by our favorite irreverent staff food writer Chris St Cavish. Chris will be taking small groups through the history of these unique noodle dishes and the restaurants that serve them, maybe even getting us into the Suzhou kitchens that create them to learn more about the secrets to their flavor (hint: it’s all in the broth). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to partake in an intimate encounter with one East China’s most beguiling dishes.