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Graffiti and Calligraphy: 6 Abstract Artists in China

Finished Ended on Sun Oct 22, 2017 , 10am
Arario Gallery (West Bund)
1/F, 2879 Longteng Dadao, near Fenggu Lu


The exhibition presents six established Chinese artists, including Yu Youhan, Ma Kelu, Qi Haiping, Tan Ping, Huang Yuanqing, and Chen Guangwu. From various generations of 40s, 50s to 60s, each exhibited artist enters into the calligraphic abstraction via their different opinions, approaches and viewpoints. With devoting themselves to shape their own artistic value and refine their artistic language continually, their works simultaneously embody the essence of “Graffiti and Calligraphy”, but maverick approach from others.