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The Weekend Social

Finished Ended on Sat Mar 31, 2018 , 6pm
La Bota (The Bund Docks)
18 Maojiayun Lu, near Waima Lu


The Weekend Social at La Bota Bund Docks is the eat-and-pre-drink event before you head out for your weekly drunken debauchery at one of the Bund Clubs down the street, spending ungodly amounts of money for table wine. They are offering 1/2 price wine by bottle for any table that orders a fresh Boston Lobster dish. You can get a Lobster Paella for 298rmb, a half lobster plate for 198rmb, or a whole lobster plate for 298rmb. Not too shabby when your guzzling fine bottles of wine for as low as 118rmb per bottle.