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Christmas Eve Dinner and Festive Buffet

Finished Ended on Mon Dec 25, 2017 , 5pm
168 Hubin Lu, near Shunchang Lu


Primo1's serving up a gourmet 5-course set menu and a festive buffet over Dec 24-25. Festive buffet features stewed seafood platter, grilled meat, Christmas turkey, a variety of pasta and appetizers, as well as fruits, veggies and desserts. 888rmb per person. The Christmas set Mains include French Lobster, Spa Egg with Italian Truffles, Seafood Soup, Grilled Beefsteak, Roman Pasta and Italian Tiramisu. There's also Iberian ham, cold cuts, pickles, fresh oysters and more, for 1688rmb per person. Reservations/info available at 021 5386 6057