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'Lettres du Voyant' - Joseph Beuys X Nam June Paik
Editor's Description
The exhibition will present the important and representative works by German artist Joseph Beuys (1921 - 1986) and Korean-American artist Nam June Paik (1932 - 2006) throughout their artistic careers, and further discuss the cooperation and close relationship between these two avant-garde artists in the 20th century. The exhibition title, Lettres du Voyant ('Letters of the Seer') derives from the works (letters) titled Lettres du Voyant by Arthur Rimbaud (1854 –1891), a French poet who is well known for his contributions to Symbolism and his influence on modern literature and arts, which prefigured surrealism. Beuys and Paik’s works personify the context at the time and their experiences. Lettres ('Letters') implies the inextricable relations between the works of Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik, and suggests the profound friendship between these two significant artists developed in the Fluxus art movement.
© Photo by SmartShanghai
No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu
祖冲之路2277弄1号, 近盛夏路
© Photo by SmartShanghai
No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu
祖冲之路2277弄1号, 近盛夏路
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