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East West Theatre pres. The Crucible

Finished Ended on Fri Mar 23, 2018 , 7.30pm
La Bota (The Bund Docks)
18 Maojiayun Lu, near Waima Lu


It is 1692 and young girls are falling violently ill, victims to hallucinations and seizures with no apparent cause. What follows is a descent into hysteria and intolerance, as an insular Puritanical community slowly tears itself apart. Pulitzer Prize-winning Arthur Miller's retelling of the Salem witch hunts premiered in 1953 where it echoed eerily similar events in the then Congressional hearings of US senator Joseph McCarthy, labelled the ‘reds under the bed’ scare. East West Theater invites you to an evening with a masterpiece, brought to life by an ensemble cast of Shanghai’s leading performers. March 1-3 and March 16–17, 7.30pm. Doors open 6:30pm. March 18 (Sunday), 5pm. Doors open 4pm. 160rmb in advance; 185rmb at the door. This production has been cancelled.