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Queer Film Screening: 'Shanghai Panic' by Andrew Cheng

Finished Wed, Mar 14, 2018 , 9pm
408 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu


Earlier this year Daliah invited David Buckley, the producer of “Saturday Night at the Bath” to show his favorite queer movies of the 60’s… This time, they asked Matthew Barren, co-founder & queer princess of CINEMQ to share a piece of cinematography worth watching. Matthew states about the film: "Between HIV scares and suicides, rejected love and pedophilia, "Shanghai Panic" is eighty minutes of bare trauma. Back in 2002, TimeOut London called it ‘Very possibly the start of a new chapter in Chinese cinema,’ but sixteen years on and Andrew Cheng’s debut has faded from the collective consciousness, a bad night of good ecstasy long forgotten. Watched today, Shanghai Panic is a nostalgia trip of recent memory. The geography of Shanghai’s underground is mournfully present in famed former locations like Buddha Bar, a reminder that more recent closures of alt-queer and dive venues (part of the local authority's efforts to clean up the city) are part of an on going cycle of inevitable sacrifice at the alter of this ‘fast-paced city.' Shanghai Panic is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand how the queer city we move through today came to be.” No entry fee. Starts 9.15pm.