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Grand Opening

Finished Fri, Apr 6, 2007
Judy Q
2F, 98 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Golden Bell Plaza (former Club Pegasus) near Longmen Road


Judy Q, named after the owner Judy Qiu, is the bar formerly known as Pegasus. Ms Qiu's been one of the main forces behind Shanghai's nightlife scene since she opened her first bar in 1993 - one of Shanghai's first foreign bars. Now Judy runs Judy's on Tongren Lu, Taco Popo and The Spot. The new "Judy Q" is a Shanghai-1920s themed lounge with old Chinese decor and opium sofas. Friends of Pegasus' famous Thursday Hip-Hop nights (in the good old days when Guandii was still playing house and BonBon didn't exist) will be glad to hear that Thursday nights will be Hip Hop again and feature some of the old names. The opening party is by invitation only before 11pm, with free drinks 8-11pm. Check out Judy's company's beautiful new website at