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Nails + Waxing + Lashes Summer Offer

Finished Ended on Sat Sep 1, 2018 , 10am
Subconscious Day Spa (The Place)
4/F, 100 Zunyi Lu, ear Ziyun Lu


Summer is in the air. There’s only a few months before it’s full on bikini season and time to feel good and look good from the inside out. Subconscious Day Spa offers selected nail/waxing/lash services of total value under 800rmb... for 600rmb. "We adopt strict hygiene standards in Nail Spa working environment and we use the best available products in the industry." Only at Subconscious Dagu and Nanfeng. Reservation should be before noon. Only one reservation available each day, please make reservation at least one day in advance.