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MTA Festival pres. Tove Lo

Finished Thu, May 17, 2018 , 9pm
Bandai Namco Dream Hall
179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu


One of Europe's more promising recent pop singer-songwriters, Tove Lo blasted straight to no. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100 with her first single, Habits (Stay High). You've probably heard it. Since then, she's kept on writing and singing her bruised, battered and authentic style of pop, earning her the nickname "the Saddest Girl in Sweden." MTA Festival's bringing her to China in support of her third album, Blue Lips. Expect dark, intense lyrics and grand pop sounds from an artist who famously said, "it's okay to be pissed off or depressed... we shouldn't be so scared of our emotions." Show starts at 9pm, tickets available on SmartTicket after May 2.