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KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA Master Class: 'From Manager to Entrepreneur'

Finished Fri, Jun 1, 2018 , 7pm
naked Hub (Nanjing Xi Lu)
5/F, 89 Taixing Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu


"Why do large companies often create value by getting rid of (i.e. spinning off) some activities rather than by creating new ones? What are the opportunities for managers to become entrepreneurs? How to transit from manager to entrepreneur while optimizing the risk/return trade-off? Many managers (and MBA participants) aim at or dream about becoming entrepreneurs “someday”. But the likelihood of realization decreases as career develops and the stakes and risks become more important. Professor Bel argues that large companies offer opportunities for spin-offs that allow current managers to become entrepreneurs. This is illustrated with his own story." No entry fee. Starts 7pm.