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Paul Oakenfold

Finished Sat, May 19, 2007
Rich Baby
Infinity Plaza, No. 101, 138 Huaihai Lu, near Pu'an Lu


Paul Oakenfold returns to Shanghai after gigs in 2003 (Pegasus), 2004 (Park97), 2005 (DKD) and 2006 (BonBon). Paul Oakenfold has long been one of the most important names in modern club culture thanks to appearances globally on the radio and TV featured in commercials supports mega brands such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, Motorola and Saab all which ran throughout 2005, not to mention his contributions to hit films such as Swordfish (which Oakenfold scored), The Matrix Reloaded and Michael Manns Collateral. His debut artist album sold over a million copies worldwide. His now touring around the globe presenting his latest album, A Lively Mind. Tickets 150rmb at the door.