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Three Unities

Finished Ended on Wed Jun 27, 2007
DDM Warehouse
750 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu


This exhibition combines Photography, Sculpture art and Oil paintings from 3 local artists under the concept of "unities". The three Beijing based artists Zhang Dali, Ren Hong, and Liu Xinhua/Wang Lang, all of the Cultural Revolution generation, will transform the DDM Warehouse on Moganshan Lu into a stage where never-before exhibited works.

Zhang Dali, the bad boy artist whose ubiquitous and mysterious graffiti took Beijing by force in the mid-1990's, and who has since gone on to achieve international fame, proudly presents his powerful new series of bronze sculptural works, "Man and Beast". Juxtaposing life size animals with human figures, these surrealist unions are rife with symbolic implications of a brutish violence that pervades our society and environment. Zhang Dali has recently been profiled in both ART Forum and Art in America for his participation in The Gwanju Biennial. His "Chinese Offspring" sculptures have also been recently acquired by famous British collector, Charles Saatchi and are profiled on the website:

Artists, Wang Lang and Liu Xinhua pair up for the first time to present their long-term, labor-intensive work "Implemental Photography". Both artists have turned from their performance art backgrounds to work as semioticians in the creation of an extensive image archive. Culling thousands of images from newspapers, pictorials and advertisements this duo has deconstructed the legacy of propaganda and perhaps of photography itself.

In "Red Romanticism", a new painting series by Ren Hong, the artist presents images from 1960 and 70-era collective consciousness, which are then filtered through kaleidoscopic patterns. Various charged forms such as butterflies, arrows, birds and urns are meticulously repeated across the canvas surface reflecting the artists' childhood and her ambiguous nostalgia for a colorful age of idealism and innocence. These tediously made oil paintings are made to look effortless like soft, hypnotic daydreams.

Curated by Mathieu Borysevicz and Yan Yang