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Mission Out Summer Pool Party

Finished Sun Jul 8, 2018 , 3pm
Sun Island Resorts
2588 Shentai Lu, near Ximao He, Zhujiajiao Town


Myst, Fusion and Lynx nightclubs, known as some of the city's best platforms for EDM music and Top 100 DJs, hosts a trip to Taiyandao for a hot pool party. Part of their outdoor party brand “Mission Out," it's an all day affair where you’re invited to drink under the sun, near a pool, with fireworks, and dance like no one’s watching. Monday can wait, enjoy your weekend with extra lounging and music on the day of rest. Only rule is you have to wear "white." White whatever! White speedos? Hey, you do you. Tickets include one drink, and transportation to the party by bus (shuttle bus schedule to be announced later). Though if you show up in your own car, you get a little bonus; bikini model car wash service. Get wet (and lit) with the club kids! Get your tickets right here.