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The Whale Library

Finished Ended on Sun Sep 2, 2018 , 10.30am
Theatre Above
Metro City, 5/F, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Hongqiao Lu


Told in his own unique way, Stan Lai’s bedtime stories have been creating dreams and wonder for his daughters and granddaughters have become spellbound audience. After his first children’s play, 'The Blue Horse,' Stan Lai teams up with his daughter Celeste and his granddaughter Oddiyana and together they present 'The Whale Library,' a magical journey deep into the ocean. It tells the story of Mi Er, the daughter of a fisherman, who accidentally discovers a most fantastic library located inside a giant whale, where one can read all about the world and its history. However, mischievous monkeys from a nearby island are stealing books to burn from the library. To save the magical whale library, Mi Er must embark on an adventure...