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ArtBattle International - Live Competitive Painting

Finished Sun, Nov 25, 2018 , 3pm
M50 Art District
50 Moganshan Lu, near Aomen Lu


M50 sees Shanghai's second (official) Art Battle International! Twelve artists, three rounds, and the audience chooses the winners. Organizer Madness has the support of Levi's in pitching Iris Lively, Benj Kinenga, Aaliyah Navras, Ronald Paredes, Zhen Liang, Igor Husag, Lucky Lasagna (yup), Sabine Lindved, Jay Mark, Feat, Pablo Lincura and "Lily" against each other in an easel to easel battle for artistic supremacy. Canvas will be shaken! Paintbrushes will be splintered! Each round will be 20 minutes long, the artists can only use acrylic paint, and the audience will decide who proceeds to the next round. There will be an open bar on Pistonhead Beer and deals on hot dogs, and live music. It's 120rmb for an individual ticket, or 290rmb for three people and 60rmb for kids.