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Chinese New Year's Banquet

Finished Ended on Tue Feb 5, 2019 , 10am
Yi Long Court
The Peninsula, 2/F, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu. (Entrance on Beijing Dong Lu)


On Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Yi Long Court offers three typical dishes from Hong Kong and South China. Poon Choi, a Chinese casserole of sea cucumber, dried abalone, oysters and optional Yunnan truffle, is served in two versions, Fortune and Fame and Fortune and Treasure, for up to ten guests. Lo Hei is a raw fish salad that groups of guests (available for four to six or eight to ten persons) stir together as they make a wish for the year ahead. A regional specialty enjoyed across China during the Spring Festival, traditional Nian Gao rice puddings are a quintessentially Chinese festive delicacy. From 288rmb to 3,888rmb.