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Nie Xiaoyu & the Enigma Variations

Finished Thu Apr 4, 2019 , 9pm
Keep It Quiet
200 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu


Thursday, April 4th, Nie Xiaoyu, one of Shanghai Music's wonderful people, will hold a concert under the theme of the Enigma Variations by British composer Edward Elgar. Rebuilding the most famous work of the great British composer Elgar in the former site of the British Concession in the former French Concession is a meaningful thing ! Edward Elgar composed his Variations on an Original Theme, known as the Enigma Variations, between October 1898 and February 1899. It is an orchestral work comprising fourteen variations on an original theme. Elgar dedicated the work "to my friends pictured within", each variation being a musical sketch of one of his circle of close acquaintances. Those portrayed include Elgar's wife Alice, his friend and publisher Augustus J. Jaeger and Elgar himself. In naming his theme "Enigma" Elgar posed a challenge which has generated much speculation but has never been conclusively answered. The Enigma is widely believed to involve a hidden melody. After its 1899 London premiere the Variations achieved immediate popularity and established Elgar's international reputation. The work has been recorded over 60 times. All the musical elements of the variation of Elgar's original work will not be borrowed. Nie Xiaoyu will only extract some fragments from this sad and romantic theme, and reorganize a new riddle variation that is purely his personal style. And each variation may have a deep connection with the different living conditions of the audience. But before the performance, it is difficult for us to make a specific textual description of this kind of involvement... Free.