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DONG (侗)

Finished Ended on Sun May 12, 2019 , 8am
klee klee
322 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu


DONG (侗) is a cultural investigation of the modern life and music of the Dong people in Guizhou. Initiated by Chuokechuoke, and with joint efforts from musical anthropologists from SounDate, photographer Zhuang Yan, and graphic designer Liu Huan, the project set out to study the DONG grand songs, a unique way of group singing listed as World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2009. The result of the project include two records by music producers 33EMYBW and Goooooose, a project publication by DreamFTY, and an exhibition that looks at the contemporary lifestyle in Dong villages, which has great resemblance with city daily life when it comes to the use of smart phones or WeChat, while being immensely different when it comes to a collective social and cultural structure rooted in the grand song traditions. Free admission.