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Creative Puppet Theater Laika

Finished Ended on Sun Jul 7, 2019 , 7.30pm
Shanghai Children's Theatre
800 Miaojiang Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu


The first ever astronaut dog inspires a show that retells a fundamental chapter in the history of space travel with striking visual effects. However, it's also a heartbreaking story of abuse. Inspired by true events when the Soviet Union launched an animal into space for the first time in 1957, Laika would go down in history as the first living being to orbit the Earth. In this production, this wee puppy called Laika roams free in Moscow’s park and squares, never dreaming that her fate will take her to the very stars she sees at night. She herself will become a star, and the star of a heartbreaking story that will carry her in Sputnik II to orbit our planet. This 55-minute production by Spain's Xirriquiteula Theatre is appropriate for children aged 6 and up. Starts at 7.30pm.