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Little Red Riding Hood [Chinese]

Finished Ended on Sun Aug 4, 2019 , 7.30pm
Shanghai Children's Theatre
800 Miaojiang Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu


Japanese theatre company Hikosen’s adaption of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale stands out for replacing the darkness of the original tale with something more humorous and lighthearted. It is about a lovely little girl full of confidence and a funny bad wolf, taking audiences into a fanciful world filled with gorgeous sets, creatively designed ventriloquist dolls and stunning visual effects. Combining music, dance and a design inspired by Japanese anime, it teaches important lessons about safety and strangers, how danger can lurk behind things which may seem kind, but also how, through keeping our wits about us and being brave, we can outwit the baddies in the end. This 60-minute production is perfect for children aged 3 and up.