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Ariyo-C Chicago Blues Piano Trio

Finished Sat, Aug 3, 2019 , 6:30pm
JZ Club (Found 158)
B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu


JZ Music presents Chicago Blues Hall of Fame artist Sumito Ariyo. He was born in a literary family in Kyoto and studied piano at an early age. The family hoped that he would become a man of virtue and named him " Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshiwas " In 1982, Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshiwas crossed to the United States and became famous at the Bruce Club in Chicago. Immediately he joined the Chicago Bruce to create the band Jimmy Rogers, and started a tour of the United States and Europe with the band. In 1986, Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshiwas and Otis Rush embarked on a European tour. After that, they participated in the Japan International Blues Music Festival, and stood side by side with the pioneers such as B.B. King and Albert King. So far, there are countless musicians who have deep cooperation with Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshiwas, and countless records that have been involved in recording. The Chicago Best Entertainer Music Awards gave him a high rating and he also played as a guest during Obama's Illinois evening party. He was the first Asian musician to enter the deepest field of Blues. In 2017, Sumito Ariyo Ariyoshiwas was selected to the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Master Artist. 260rmb on the door.