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Elrow: Enchanted Fowrest

Finished Sat Oct 5, 2019 , 9pm
TAXX (Found 158)
B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu


Elrow, The craziest show on Earth! The Ibiza party-provider has an insane track record. They’ve successfully held over 150 theme parties, 4 festivals and 10 stages at their co-up festivals with 2.3 million attendees in 33 different countries. Together with TAXX, elrow brings their excellence to Shanghai with an enchanted fantasy realm. Trees loom large, magical creatures dance and laughter echoes through the glade: get ready to to enter the Enchanted Fowrest, with Toni Varga & Mario Biani providing the tunes alongside TAXX's support DJs. Jump into Elrow's Enchanted FOWrest, an enchanted realm where music is simply otherworldly.