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Martin Schoeller: Close

Finished Ended on Wed Nov 20, 2019
SCoP: Shanghai Center of Photography
2555 Longteng Dadao, near Longlan Lu


Do you know what you look like in a close-up? German photographer Martin Schoeller is known for his extreme close up portraits and his work is on show at SCôP. Close presents over 60 of Schoeller’s signature portraits, faces of the world's most influential people, from showbiz celebrities to business leaders and heads of state. This series of super-resolution photography invites the viewer to be in extreme proximity, and to confront the true characters of personalities who we all admire and glorify, but who are beyond the reach of most of us. Schoeller is one of the world's most preeminent portrait photographers, his works are regularly shown in major art institutions and published in publications such as Rolling Stone, Time, and The New Yorker. 40rmb.