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Fat White Family China Tour

Finished Fri, Mar 6, 2020 , 8.30pm
VAS Livehouse
3/F, 19 Wanhangdu Lu, near Changning Lu


English rock band Fat White Family was founded in a Peckham squat in 2011. Their music explores the grim, often more perverse topics like the toxicity of masculinity and sexual desire. Anti-gentrification, anti-consumerism, anti-establishment, rejecting the notion that pop should be politically-correct, the group has its unique voice. They released their debut album, Champagne Holocaust, in 2013; and their second album, “Songs for Our Mothers”, was released in 2016. It was promoted with a single for "Whitest Boy on the Beach", which was later chosen for the closing credits of the 2017 film Trainspotting.