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Lu Xun, Left Wing Writers & May Fourth Movement

Finished Sun May 3, 2020 , 2pm
Hongkou Soccer Stadium
444 Dong Jiangwan Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu


The May Fourth Movement was an intellectual turning point for China, one that sought to create a new Chinese culture. Shanghai, with its booming publishing sector, was a major center for this intellectual ferment amongst writers, and on the 100th anniversary of this landmark movement, Historic Shanghai takes a walk through the world of the May Fourth writers – including the most influential, Lu Xun – the men and women who created a brave new world of literature. Join us and visit the lanes and houses where they lived, the bookstores and landscapes that inspired them, and hear the story of this movement whose ideas set them on the path to revolution and shaped the following century. To book and confirm meeting point: 250rmb for non-members.