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50% OFF Neck / Back Massage Therapy

Jing Yi Wei Neck & Shoulder Therapy (Qiantan)
Crystal Plaza Mall, 2/F, 212 Yaoti Lu, near Jiangyao Lu


Jing Yi Wei is a chain of health-care clinics that focus only on neck, shoulder and spine health. Their medical neck and shoulder massages are lifesavers for those times when you sleep wrong and your neck locks up. Not exactly a chiropractice, but proven to work. They also look after issues such as chest distress, dizziness or drowsiness, low back pain, or other posture-related pain and soreness. For 268rmb, experience their specialized Neck and shoulder therapy, or a Neck and Back Therapy for 338rmb - depends on your need. Both packages include an initial check-up, a precise medical massage, and guidance on daily exercises. This deal is happening at all of their venues.