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Across the Milky Way To Meet You: Traditional Pingtan on Qixi

Finished Ended on Wed Aug 26, 2020 , 7:30pm
MIFA 1862
1777 Binjang Dadao, near Jimo Lu


A special musical on Chinese Valentine’s Day, created and performed with traditional folk art, Pingtan (评弹). Performed with a pipa and a three-stringed instrument, Pingtan is a theatrical art combining both singing and storytelling in the Jiangnan dialect. Shanghainese artist Lu Jinhua is a life-long practitioner of this traditional art form that’s local to the region. A young-generation artist, she has been working to make adaptions on traditional Pingtan to acknowledge contemporary music genres. She has put on live performances where Pingtan was combined with jazz, a cappella, or rock'n'roll. In Across the Milky Way To Meet You, Lu Jinhua tells four Chinese romantic tales from four different historical periods — some inspired by folklore, some by real-life stories, and the last set featuring Pingtan in juxtaposition with the rugged, uniquely stylistic folk singing performed by Shanxi province's Zhang Gasong.