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The title of the exhibition, "X/Y," is meant to imply some kind of causation. What may be hidden in the work, or will be discovered, remains in a vague state until it enters viewing mode. Different from the previous two exhibitions, the theme of Yin Changzhi’s third solo exhibition is thinking about the logic of painting construction. By adding more sub-frames inside the rectangular main frame, and interspersing the frames with multiple cloth surfaces, the frames and cloth surfaces are unified with pure and bright colors to form a seemingly monochromatic frame body. Whether it is the increased thickness of the side, or the slope and radian of the front, to a certain extent, are "should be set". The frame and cloth surface thus formed a different logical relationship from the conventional. By wrapping the cloth surface on the changeable frame, the flatness of the painting can be retained. The multi-layer cloth surface with pigment marks tries to get rid of the constraint of the classical paradigm of modernism in identifying this conventional paradigm. When everything is functionalized by entities, a changeable frame structure is created through the multi-dimensional space level formed by the void, thus generating the dual properties of planeness and spaciousness. In the process of repeated changes, the various parts of painting also form a closer and more separate contradictory relationship. At this point, the properties of the material depend on the viewing logic, while the viewing logic depends on the construction logic. The view is no longer on a flat surface, but around the structure. As the feet move, the process of watching is the process of discovery and confirmation.

50 Moganshan Lu Bldg. 4
50 Moganshan Lu Bldg. 4
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