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Thu Sep 17 2020-09-17 2020-09-17
OWYE Series Event 04: The Diet Dilemma: Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain
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We've all had the common refrain drilled into our heads by the medical community that if you want to lose weight, it's necessary to "eat less, move more," aka balancing a mathematical equation of "calories in, calories out." Despite advice from experts regarding the dangers of eating too much fat, sugar, protein coupled with a lack of exercise, our nutrition, and the global obesity crisis, is getting worse. Even if you work hard to educate yourself, there are contradicting articles, studies and documentaries confusing the situation. And how can you really know which popular diet is best? In recent times, supported by new research, there has been a dramatic shift in our thinking about nutrition – and most professionals recommend moving away from the “one size fits all” formula. There are vocal proponents for (and against) these eating plans: the Mediterranean, flexitarian, ketogenic, low-carb, paleo, clean eating, Whole30, intermittent fasting, DASH, Volumetrics, vegan, raw, VB6, probiotic-rich, Weight Watchers and more. At the 4th event of the Own What You Eat event series, a collaboration between Green Initiatives & David Laris, some of the issues we are looking to tackle include: Why do people choose diets or buy ready-made meal plans? What are the pros and cons of some of the most popular diets? Defining important nutrition terms: gut health, microbes, personalized nutrition, food diversity, etc What is the best way to assess the ‘health’ of our bodies? BMI? Body fat percentage? Overweight, underweight, or just right? How do we identify a balanced diet? What is the purpose of eating this way? Do we eat for energy, physical fitness, bright skin, shiny hair, happiness or...? Ultimately, when it comes to diet and nutrition, we need to take a holistic approach. Instead of asking what we want from our diet, we need to start asking what we want in our life. So where do we begin?

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