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Shanghai Big Band: In Front of The Lane

Finished Mon, Oct 5, 2020 , 7.30pm
MIFA 1862
1777 Binjang Dadao, near Jimo Lu


A curated concert that incorporates rock, punk, folk, and electronic music to paint the image of the traditional Shanghai way of living in the lanehouses. All the musicians are local to this city, and will perform together on the stage, using music to share the vision of Shanghai that they see. Lu Chen, former lead singer of experimental band The Top Floor Circus (顶楼的马戏团) will be playing some unusual punk music in the Shanghainese dialect' Also on the stage are Cotton and Peng Peng playing electronic folk; Qita, a young Shanghainese rock band; and Zuo Mingliang, a folk singer that has been active in the music scene of Shanghai for more than a decade.