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Haunting of Pearl Manor
Editor's Description

There will be a blue moon at the end of October. In celebration of this once-in-two-decade event, the Pearl Theater reinvents itself as the Pearl Manor! Malevolent spirits, vengeful demons, and your nightmares await, as whispering voices guide you up to the attic, where you will be engulfed in a feast of snakes and spiders as dark shadow watches you while you sleep. Should you make it out alive, enjoy special mixes and witch's brew in the Vampire Lounge while watching some scary movies. The Pearl Manor is open from 6pm to 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Reserve your tickets ahead of time to guarantee your spots.

© Photo by SmartShanghai
471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu
乍浦路471号, 近武进路
© Photo by SmartShanghai
471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu
乍浦路471号, 近武进路
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