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Sat Oct 17 2020-10-17 2020-10-17
Dragon’s Awakening
Editor's Description

The summer of 2020 is wearing off, and shows for the leather-clad metalheads are coming back. Lofas is bringing "Dragon’s Awakening" this Autumn. The line up includes three Chinese bands: "On the Verge of Extermination," a Shanghai metalcore band, active in different livehouses in eastern China; "Blood of Life," playing their characteristic thrash death metal; and "Black Villain," a young blood that’s just formed this year. Expect to see a secret, special guest band, playing blackened melodic epic death metal, coming all the way from up the distant central plain of China.

B1/F, 230 Ruiping Lu, near Kaibin Lu
瑞平路230号B1楼, 近凯宾路
B1/F, 230 Ruiping Lu, near Kaibin Lu
瑞平路230号B1楼, 近凯宾路
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