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Web Scraping using Python – Le Wagon x Hult

Finished Sat Dec 5, 2020 , 2pm
Hult International Business School
HuaxinHai Xin Building, 666 Fuzhou Lu, near Yunnan Lu


Learn how to explore the "insides" of websites and extract information from them. A lot of tech companies rely on Web scraping to fill their databases with publicly accessible information. Scraping is widely used in marketing for market research or customer feedback analysis. Within the workshop, people will use Python, the Beautiful Soup scraping library, and an interactive Jupyter notebook in order to show the basics of web scraping in a step-by-step tutorial. Attendants are free to take home the resulting code and adjust it for their purposes. Lindsay Han, Director of EF Recruitment and Employee Development, will discuss the growth mindset in professional development. Requirements do include, some experience with Python as basic programming concepts will be explained in an accessible hands-on manner. Please bring a laptop.