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Outward Exhibition

Finished Ended on Thu Dec 24, 2020 , 2pm
No.Name Studio Art Residency
No. 6-1, Lane 146 Dongshi Jie, near Xinfeng Lu

About Studio is hosting a new group exhibition called "Outward," featuring works by artists Vasily Betin, Zheng Yuan, and Van Ho (Mingyi He). The exhibition is explores natural selection, climate change, and the development of civilization, which pushes humans to make innovations and challenge the natural world. From ancient alchemy to transhumanism, arrogance dominates humans, inhibiting them to question, reexamine, and challenge the things that they take for granted. Vasily Betin is a Russian artist, the New Media Director of Sokaris Studio and a lecturer at “Technoetics Arts” department of DeTao Masters Academy. Zheng Yuan and Van Ho graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Zheng Yuan focuses on mixed media art and Van Ho focuses on printmaking. Free.