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Daily until Jan 1 2020-12-31 2020-01-01
New Chinese Opera: Cooking A Dream
Editor's Description

“Cooking a Dream” is a stage adaptation of Zhenzhong Ji's novel “The Story in the Pillow”, a collection of dream-fueled tales that dates from the Tang dynasty. The curtain opens on a young scholar who laments his impoverished existence to a Taoist priest. When the Taoist elder offers the youth a pillow to rest his head on, he lies down, falls asleep and dreams an entire life… By the time he wakes up, the millet porridge is cooked. The pot of millet dictates the length of the performance, and the actors encourage the audience to enjoy its flavor and aroma. Each attendee will receive a pack of millet when leaving the theater to “cook a dream of their own”. The performance is directed by Huang Ying.

Tickets range from 180-480rmb. Visit the event page for more info at 

  • TAGS: Arts & Stage Stage
  • PRICE:¥180-¥480
  • DATE:Daily until Jan 1
  • TIME:7:15 pm
425 Dingxiang Lu, near Shiji Dadao
丁香路425号, 近世纪大道
425 Dingxiang Lu, near Shiji Dadao
丁香路425号, 近世纪大道
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