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Thu Feb 25 2021-02-25 2021-02-25
Very High Frequency (VHF) Course
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Sail Global offers you the opportunity to get your Very High Frequency (VHF) wireless radio license (ASA173) which you need together with ASA104 if you want to apply for an International Proficiency Certificate (IPC). The IPC is mandatory to sail in most European and Mediterranean waters. To join this course you only need to have an ASA101 certificate. Dates of online theory courses are Feburary 25 and 26, 8-10pm, Feburary 27 and 28, 9-11am.  The in person exam will be held March 2, in Suzhou , and March 3 in Shanghai. Contact Sail Global for more information at 138-1660-8004,, WeChat: sailglobal, and


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