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"Player of Beings" Art Exhibition

Finished Ended on Sun Mar 28, 2021 , 10am-6pm
Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum
436 Yonghe Dong Lu, near Pingxingguan Lu
90rmb per person


McaM Presents "Player of Beings", an art exhibition that gathers a group of “Ready Player Ones” who ae active in the forefront of international contemporary art. These artists include aaajiao, Cao Fei, Feng Mengbo, Jeffrey Shaw, JODI, Lu Yang and Zheng Guogu. They gather to discuss the relationship between games, the social changes between gaming and human beings, and the evolution of technology. The exhibition will also explore the developing history of the human gaming experience of more than 70 years, from Toys R Us and Famicom to both arcade and online game and even E-Sports. Bring back the precious memories of game-life through this immersive experience. An absolute offline-carnival for all gameers and a definite MUST-VISIT for anybody interested in the world of games. The exhibition will last until March 28, 2021.