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Chinese Colours: Eastward Turn To Absoluteness

Finished Ended on Sun Feb 21, 2021
Long Museum (West Bund)
3398 Longteng Avenue, near Fenglin Lu


"Chinese Colours" is a group exhibition featuring Qiu Shihua, Liang Shaoji, Qin Yifeng, Liu Jianhua, and Chen Yujun. The five artists try to interpret Chinese art with different creative techniques and forms of expressions: Qiu Shihua’s white paintings, Liang Shaoji’s silk works, Liu Jianhua’s white porcelain, Qin Yifeng’s advanced gray photography, and Chen Yujun’s ink collage. They choose to treat nature as a gift, inheriting the traditional Chinese spiritual value: let nature do its work, let it be its own way, let time do its work, and give way to it. Art becomes an attitude of humility and concession, an ethic that affirms the reproducibility and absoluteness of nature.