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Yoga Retreat in Mogan Mountain (Moganshan)
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On March 20, Scarlette and Katherine are hosting a yoga retreat event at Mogan Mountain. The event consists of 2 days, 1-night yoga retreat with Scarlette, a certified yoga instructor. Participants will meet Scarlette and Katherine at Zhongshan park at 8.30am. Participants must bring their own yoga mats and are required to provide a reservation deposit of 1000rmb (non-refundable after March 9). In order to buy early bird tickets, participants must buy before March 1. A discount of 1000rmb will be given to couples sharing a single room.  Scan the QR Code below to reserve a spot. Please contact Scarlette on WeChat at Scarlette_C for more information.

© Photo by SmartShanghai
780 Changning Lu, near Dingxi Lu
长宁路780号, 近定西路
© Photo by SmartShanghai
780 Changning Lu, near Dingxi Lu
长宁路780号, 近定西路
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