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Wonton Bureau: Transcend

Finished Wed Mar 24, 2021 , 9pm
ALL Club
2/F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu


For the next round of Wonton Bureau, On The Road invites LiveChinaMusic to co-host an evening of meditative, atmospheric, and immersive electronic acts, abstract in their touch yet potent in their allure. On the bill is multi-instrumentalist and producer Zuho, fresh off his game-changing LP sharp, sharp with Eating Music. Touching upon jazz, ambient electronica, and classical music, using and manipulating everything from a saxophone to a melodica. Rounding out the bill is drone-based duo Second River featuring Da Bai (of psych-rock band Mirrors) and Zhu Songjie, an Italian-born and Shanghai-based producer who'll be keeping the vibes lush and spacey late into the night.