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Live Interview with The MC5’s Wayne Kramer

Finished Sun May 16, 2021 , 11.30am
Abbey Road
3 Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu
Free entry (donation of 50-100rmb requested)


American guitarist Wayne Kramer is being beamed to us here in Shanghai via to power of the interwebs for a live teleconference courtesy of Tou-JAM/Hesher Has Culture. He is notable for overcoming prison time and addiction to become a statesman of hard rock, but career-wise the man founded MC5, a big time radical punk band in the 60's and went on to play with legends like GG Allin, Marianne Faithful, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Thunders. He'll be discussing his memoir "The Hard Stuff". A donation of 50-100rmb to Kramer's charity Jail Guitar Doors is requested.