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Gouqi Island Beach Wonderland Getaway (ghost town)

Daily until Jun 14 , 6am
Dragon Events
Rm. 102, No. 35, Lane 573 Fanghua Lu, near Shenbo Lu


Ever seen pictures of that abandoned island off the coast of Shanghai? It looks pretty nuts, ghostly empty buildings, snapshots of what it might look like if we all just disappeared, nature swallowing up human's meagre effort to tame the wild, all that good stuff. Dragon Events are organising a two-day trip over there from June 12-14. It only takes a few hours to get there by boat, the rest of the time you'll be grabbing a suntan, kicking back in the slow pace of abandoned-village life, and throwing beach parties. Add them on WeChat for bookings and details. WeChat ID - 13818612354.