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River Hiking: Swim, Chillax, Water Fight in Rock Pools

Finished Sat Jun 12, 2021 , 7.10am
Mute Garage Shanghai
Bldg 2, 425 Yanping Lu, near Changping Lu
Members: 268rmb/person; Non-members: 288rmb/person


Join Mute Garage Shanghai on June 12 for a one-day river hiking trip, to enjoy beautiful nature, swim in the rock pools, and discover the mysterious and hidden spots in the deep forest. What are the highlights? 1 Relax in the beautiful nature. This is a relaxing hike through a beautiful forest of bamboo and rivers. The mist in the woods moderates the temperature, making it enjoyable all year round. Forget about what stresses you in the city, take a deep breath and embrace nature. 
2 Swim in rock pools, enjoy the intimacy with nature while hiking all the way up the mountain, you will find many rock pools and waterfalls on the way. A water fight in nature with your friends is also possible if you're equipped. 3 Meet new friends. What's the itinerary? 7.10am Gather at MUTE Garage(No.425 Yanping Road), sign in and say hello to new friends
. 7.30am Depart from MUTE Garage
从MUTE Garage Please note that the driving time is about 4 hours, feel free to bring your books or games to make your journey more pleasant. 11.30am Arrive at the starting point and start hiking up through the bamboo forest
 12.30pm Lunchtime by the river rock pool
 until 4.20pm Keep hiking all the way up the mountain. Will stop by the rock pools on the way, where you can swim, paddle in the water, or simply chillax by the pool, however you want it. 4.20-8pm Back in Shanghai
. Note: The bus will leave MUTE Garage at 7.30am sharp. Please be on time
 - Minimum 15 attendees