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Dragon Boat Festival丨Wetland Discovery Camp

Daily until Jun 14 , 9:00
Parrot Tree
401 Cenbo Village, near Xin Gangcun Lu
Child's ticket: 1300rmb. Extra adult ticket: 400rmb. Dinner: 80rmb.


Wetland Discovery is hosting a 3-day camp in Cenbo Village during Dragon Boat Festival from June 12-14. You'll be able to explore the local wetland environment by kayaking; learning hands-on woodland outdoor skills; and get familiar with tools, bush crafts, woodwork, ropes and knots, and shelter building techniques. The camp will include activities for budding natural scientists such as chances to observe and discuss the relationships between the local ecosystem and its wildlife, and instructions on how to identify the local animal and plant life. There will be nature walks, games, and wild cooking classes. Suitable for 3–6-year-olds. The Montessori-inspired classes will be taught using English and Chinese. One child ticket is 1300rmb, accompany adult ticket is 400rmb/adult. Dinner is 80rmb.