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(POSTPONED) Adventurers Wanted: A D&D Workshop

Finished Sun Jul 25, 2021 , 4-8pm
Agora Space
Bldg 8, 1199 Panyu Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
140rmb until July 21, 160rmb from July 21-25


What exactly is Dungeons & Dragons, and why do so many people love it? Find out with Pops Gaming on July 25 — they've got the books, maps, and dice to get you started. During this 4-hour course, their Game Masters will guide you through creating your own character, exploring the realm, and battling monsters. Dinner included; tickets include free flow homemade pizza, 1 drink, D&D dice set, and raffle tickets. Add "juliepops" on WeChat to claim your seat at the table.

This event has been postponed due to the typhoon. Find the rescheduled event here.