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Family Fun

Finished Ended on Sun Sep 12, 2021 , 10am-2pm
Studio Insight
13/F, Kunlun Business Center, 393 Changshou Lu, near Changde Lu
100rmb/child. 100rmb/adult. 250rmb/3-person family.


To all of the super moms and dads of Shanghai: Studio Insight and Family Fun have organized a family event for you and your children to attend every Saturday. Their program aims to encourage children to learn and experience new and exciting things, and of course, be entertained. A great way to bond with your family and have a nice day. Activities differ by the date but may include book markets, kung fu shows, music classes, live performances, and more. Prices are 100rmb per child, which includes all activities and a deal on kid's lunch of a sandwich and water/juice; 100rmb per adult, which includes Argentinian imported picanha steak, veggies, and break with 1 soft drink/beer/wine; or 250rmb for a 3-person family. Scan the QR code in the flyer to sign up.