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Gouqi Island Beach Wonderland Getaway (Ghost Town)

Finished Ended on Tue Oct 5, 2021 , 5.45am
Dragon Events
Rm. 102, No. 35, Lane 573 Fanghua Lu, near Shenbo Lu


Dragon Events is hosting a family friendly hike to visit an abandoned fishing village, Gouqi Island, from August 19 to 21. Located on Zhoushan of Zhejiang province, you can hike, have bonfires, go to the beach, swim, tan, and play water sports. Hiking difficulty: 1/5. Meet up is 5.45am Oct 23 at People's Square metro station. Departure back to Shanghai is Oct 5 around 10am. Activities include watching the sunrise, walking around the beach, visiting the abandoned village, going to the beach, bonfires, games, hiking at the East Cliff (tickets are 100rmb/person and include transportation), fishing, and so forth. Fees are 2199rmb per person. Add Andy from Dragon Events on WeChat to book at 13818612354.