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Exhibition: The Spanish Dream in China, 1845 - 1945

Daily except Sun , 7pm
Miguel de Cervantes Library
208 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
free entry


An exhibition analyzing the relations between Spain and China between 1845 and 1945. Starting from the attempts of Sinibaldo de Mas to establish diplomatic relations between both countries and going until the consolidation of diplomatic ties in 1859 with the opening of the legation in Beijing. It also includes profiles of different Spanish entrepreneurs in Shanghai, like Antonio Ramos, who built a film empire, or the architecture of Abelardo Lafuente whose buildings can still be seen throughout the city. Te microhistory of the Spanish community in Shanghai is shown: its restaurants, shops, cinemas, and basket games. During October, the Library will offer different activities related to "The Spanish dream in China." Free entry.