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The Ultimate Crab Feast

Finished Ended on Wed Dec 1, 2021 , 5.30pm
58 Gongti Xilu (north of the Workers’ Stadium West Gate; south of, and next to, Lantern Club), Chaoyang District
Walk-in Price: 458rmb (Fri-Sun), 428rmb (Mon-Thu); WeChat Mall: 278rmb (Fri-Sun), 258rmb (Mon-Thu)


As summer ends and the waters cool, the crab season begins. Along with the autumn festival, it is also the official start of the hairy crab season, and hairy crabs will be featured amongst the other crab varieties served at the ultimate crab fest! With more than a dozen crab dishes, including whole crabs prepared in different styles, on top of everyone’s favourite seafood station list, chefs have prepared their own speciality dishes. When the bell is rung, the star dishes come, and this year, the culinary team has prepared sand-baked crab in lotus leaf with vegetable and the traditional steamed hairy crabs served with a trolley. For the meat lovers, why not try veal short ribs and beef sirloin, or maybe a lamb stew with rosemary? Of course there are Chinese cuisines as well, including Yunnan steamed chicken. As fans of Elements know, the dessert station is always the hotspot to finish the night. Opening hours are 5.30-9.30pm. The crab feast will be available through Dec 2021. Prices start at 258rmb. For reservations call: 021-3867 9048.